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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 5/16/10

Pick’n'Flick and I really look forward to the monthly Pedalfiles bashes. They’re the high point of our pathetic social life, and we hate it when it gets hot and the packs start to shrink. Still, some of our favorite hashers were there today, and we had a great morning.

Since it’s hot again, our GM Bimbo by Day moved the start time up to 9:00 AM. We met at Chuy’s on Speedway & Country Club, where we were joined by a pre-damaged Yoda and Appendage, who, although they couldn’t ride, provided needed morale.

The pack, almost vanishingly small, consisted of Pick’n'Flick and me, Gummee & Stick Me Anywhere, and Copulator, who showed up at the last minute, having found the shoes that he’d originally planned to use as his excuse for blowing off the bash today.

The hares, Bimbo by Day and Redheaded Woodpecker, told us the requisite lies about the upcoming trail, then vanished into the neighborhood south of Speedway. After a decent interval, the pack followed, riding generally east to Craycroft, south to 29th Street, then back west to Alvernon, where we found the first of two promised bar checks.

The hares took off again, and once we were liquidly refreshed, the pack followed. The second half of the trail went west & north through Reid Park, then through the ritzy neighborhoods behind El Con Mall, and eventually back to Chuy’s. My odometer said 13 miles, although Woodpecker swore it was only 10.

On-afters were at Chuy’s, where Yoda received both the Faceplant award and the Hash-it, both in honor of his one-man bicycle attack on a car coming down Mount Lemon the week before. Hope all that skin grows back some day, Yoda!

Next month: a short bash & pool party at El Paso’s (wonder if he knows about it yet?); then in July more of the same at Casa Booger. We’ll get back to long trails once it cools down again.

Photos? Oh, yes, I did take a few. Click any thumbnail to enlarge:

5-16-10_1 5-16-10_2 5-16-10_3

Photos, left to right:

  • Hares away
  • The incredible shrinking pack
  • On-afters @ Chuy’s

- Flying Booger almost puked when he saw Yoda’s road rash!

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