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Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

This edition of Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag is chock full of worms. Or maybe just one big worm. An icky icky worm. I now have shocking proof that our founders, in creating the Hash House Harriers, were not merely looking for a way to get rid of weekend hangovers.  They were secretly conducting “the ultimate social experiment of the Illuminati.”

Hashers, are you ready for the truth? Well, I don’t think so.  I don’t think you can handle the truth!

“G” Gispert, the renowned founder of The Hash House Harriers, was a Luciferian Freemason who was born in Germany & directly descended from Reptilian bloodlines. He registered the Hash House Harriers as a society in 1938 with his two friends financially contributing to funding the fraternal organization centered upon running & drinking. When “G” died in battle, he was buried in an unmarked grave. Or so it is believed.

First, let’s look at the Hasher subculture. They celebrate debauchery, hedonism, & immoral activities. They pride themselves by anointing each other with sexual or repulsive nicknames. They are considered “virgins” until they have been inducted during a ceremony that is conducted within a circle. Many illuminati symbolism is centered around the sacrifice of virgins. Once a person has been indoctrinated into the Hash House Harriers, they have relinquished their pure, birth name in order to allow their energy to be used for darkness.

Hashers believe in bastardizing all morals & values. They find glee in humiliating themselves as well as others. Hashers value chaos & enjoy participating in demoralizing activities, aka “mismanagement”. Women, or Harriettes, are considered to be “sluts” or (term for female dogs) to the men of this fraternity. The women who often find themselves deep within the hash’s activities have often suffered from sexual abuse in the early years of their life. They have already been poisoned to believe that they are nothing but a sex slave, so they seek the attention of the Harriers because negative attention is better than no attention. These women then find themselves tightly wrapped up within the Hash because it gives them the false love they crave. These activities are being used to feed the hunger of those who seek to demoralize man. The sad part is that most hashers have been brain washed into thinking that all these rules & rituals have been designed as just another form of fun & a way to blow off stress.

Hashers celebrate the opposite of morals & decency. They often use the term ‘On-On’ to tell someone they’re still on the trail or what they call an after-trail party, which usually is at a bar for more drinking. On-On is the exact opposite of No-no.

There’s more — much more — at AboveTopSecret.com. Including this sensible warning:

. . .the Hash House Harriers was indeed designed by Gispert to be a cult, which was later manipulated further by the KGB. I realize that this may be a shock to people who have been involved in hashing for a long time & never stopped to consider exactly what they were involved in.

It’s OK if you’ve been fooled by them because it’s easy to be drawn into the idea of having “fun” & achieving close nit friends as many hash websites brag about. Now that you are becoming aware of how psychology is being used upon its members & for what purpose, it’s time to get out. Run like you’ve never r*n before. . . .

If this whets your curiosity, you can learn more about hashing — and hashers — in this AboveTopSecret.com discussion titled “Examining the Hash House Harriers.”

Looks like it’s time to rewrite our Wikipedia entry!

- Don’t say Flying Booger never told his close nit friends about the many illuminati symbolism found in hashing!

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