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Pumped for the Red Dress Run

If you read this blog, you know I have a love/hate relationship with haring.  Until I actually go scouting, I worry and fret.  Once I walk or ride a trail, I’m pumped.

RDR fashion tip: pumps yes, fanny packs no!

Two months ago, friends in Tucson’s jHavelina H3 asked me to co-hare the annual red dress run in June. I’ve been concerned, because other hares are mostly in charge and I really didn’t know what they were planning. But this morning we scouted trail, and guess what? I’m pumped!

The jHavelina Red Dress Run is a weekend event, June 11-13, and from what I saw today, it’s gonna kick ass.  As far as trails, I only know for sure about the main event, the actual red dress run to be held on Saturday, June 12, because that’s the one I’m co-haring.  But I’ve seen the hotel, I know who they’re hiring to cater, and I know the area of downtown Tucson they’ll be running in, and I think I can promise an excellent Friday night pub crawl and Sunday morning hangover hash.  The main event will be killer, that I do know.

San Diego, Phoenix, Sierra Vista, Las Vegas, Albuquerque hashers, get your butts signed up.  The weekend’s limited to 100 hashers, so don’t dawdle.  Hey, Lady in Red is coming, and if you’ve never met the woman who inspired the first red dress run in San Diego back in 1988, you owe yourself a trip to Tucson for that reason alone.  See you in June!

- Flying Booger is pumped, but no way will he try running in pumps.

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