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Witch Hunt in SoCal (Part I)

I’m leaving for Las Vegas in an hour and don’t have time for extensive bloggage, but ugly things are happening in Southern California.  Like right now.

As best I can figure, the adult son of a hashing couple in the San Diego area is accused of raping and murdering a high school girl.  The son, a registered sex offender, lived at home with his mother and step-father (though he is apparently not a hasher himself).

On a community web site for concerned citizens (appropriately named Scared Monkeys), an amateur sleuth discovered the hash connection, including the hash names of the mother and step-father, links to the hashes they’re involved with, their email addresses, and their actual address.  Other amateur sleuths jumped into the fray, unearthing much of the dirt routinely published on hashing web sites, including photos of naked drinking people, and all of a sudden amateur sleuths have turned into vigilantes, demanding law enforcement investigate this group of alcoholic pedophile swingers with nasty names . . . and oh by the way vandalizing the home of the couple at the center of the storm.  As I write, a local right-wing AM talk station in the San Diego area is on the warpath, drumming up the hashing connection.  We are all Tutsis now.

Already, hashers have started pulling any and all personal information from hashing forums and web sites.  Photos, email addresses, names . . . going, going, gone.  And the vigilantes are in full pursuit, crying “if they didn’t have anything to hide, why are they hiding from us?”  Uh, could it be they don’t want their own homes vandalized?

No idea where this is all going, but it isn’t over yet.  When I have time in Las Vegas I’ll try to post updates, and some links.

I swear, I’m beginning to think our hashing websites are our own biggest enemy.  We just can’t resist bragging about drinking, debauchery, and sex, things that don’t happen nearly as much as we like to pretend they do, things that should be kept private and off-line, things that have nothing to do with hashing.

Next time you look at your own hash’s web site, pretend you’re an outraged citizen trying to dig up dirt on the hash.  What’s on your site that shouldn’t be there?  Might be a worthwhile exercise.

- Flying Booger says “What are you looking at?”

Update (3/12/10): One of the local TV stations today aired photos taken from a hashing website, including one of the accused murderer’s mother surrounded by hashers in various stages of nudity . . . and the mother may already have lost her job at a local hospital.  What’s next?  Trial by drowning?

Update (3/16/10): When I read the original series of posts on the Scared Monkey vigilante forum, I formed the impression that the man who has been accused of murder lived at home with his hasher parents.  That is not true, and I apologize . . . I should have dug deeper.

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4 comments to Witch Hunt in SoCal (Part I)

  • earshotc2h3

    maybe it’s time to go back to static websites with one contact listed with no pictures or other information other than run location. All this fancy technology can sometimes make life harder.

  • Pampers

    Foookin hell…

    If it wasn’t so serious I’d be smiling more at some of the rather bizarre accusations that have been thrown at us.

    I did notice the whole thing kicked off with somebody typing in a phone number into Google and going to half-mind.

    One thing I do on the UK site is have all personal contact details (but not club names for instance) for hashes harboured away in a directory that is blocked from been accessed by search engines (this came from Oral Sex saying she wasn’t too keen on having her hash name come up when somebody searched for her real name)

    However, after going through the thread, it does seem to be calming down a little. Not a lot, but a little.

  • Pooper Scooper

    There’s an internet phenomenon growing in China called “human flesh engine.” Essentially, it’s what we’re seeing on the Scared Monkey site but on a scale of hundreds of thousands or even millions of internet users ganging up on individuals to make their lives miserable. See this link to a New York Times story on the subject:


    You can bet that vigilante types here in the States will soon catch on and begin to employ the human flesh engine techniques of slow torture.

  • DogE_Style

    The hash connection may have blown away like last week’s flour. The story of the parolee murderer was in today’s Newark Star-Ledger, with no mention of the hash.
    I agree that our open websites should be G or PG rated.
    DogE Style
    Rumson / summit HHH

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