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A Drinking Club with a Running Problem, and Zombies

Must.  Scout.  Trail.

I’m haring next Sunday, and all I’ve done so far is decide on a start point, a park in southeast Tucson.  Normally I’d have scouted trail twice and had all the details worked out by now.  Getting lax in my old age.

Speaking of getting lax, I’m scouting on my mountain bike.  Matter of fact, when I pre-lay trail next Sunday, I’ll do that on my bike too.  Pre-lay?  Yeah, you heard me.

When it comes to trails and how to lay them, American hashers split into two hostile camps: live trail and dead trail.  Internationally, not so much . . . Mother Hash and most of her direct descendants are still dead trail, as are the majority of hashes overseas.  In the States the balance tips the other way, with more live trail than dead trail hashes.  You wouldn’t think this’d be a big deal, but live trail hashers hate dead trail hashers and never tire of telling them what pussies they are.

Well, I say it’s time we dead trail hashers take pride in our tradition.  We represent at least half the hashers in the world, and if pre-laying trail was good enough for G, it’s good enough for you.  And I say we start calling dead trail hashing what it really is: zombie hashing!  And I say it’s time we zombies wear our blood-soaked rags with pride!  You wanna run my trail?  Then mind your own damn business how I lay it!  Zombies rule!

Must.  Scout.  Trail.

Then.  Eat.  Brains.

- Flying Booger says send more paramedics!

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2 comments to A Drinking Club with a Running Problem, and Zombies

  • giant ankle

    I’ve never understood the live/dead debate. I was actually surprised to learn a while after I’d begun hashing that Mother did primarily dead trails. My love for dead is pretty practical: people tend to scout harder and better, and the overall quality of the trail tends to be higher as a result. There are trails I’ve seen that have been amazing, and when I went back over the composition of the trail, I thought, “wow, there’s no way this could have been done live.” Part of it is also selfish; I would almost certainly lose my pants if I tried a live trail with our FRBs in tow.

    The flip side is that live trails afford some special bonuses. They can happen on a pick-your-night, and we have a hasher who often does a larrikin the days after hash days he can’t regularly make. My understanding is that the live-only groups trend toward r*cism and the west coast (and correct me if I’m wrong on that, FB), and if it works for people, hey, G bless them.

    So while I’m partial to the style I’ve been most accustomed to, there’s no reason for the hate.

  • GA, I’ve heard live-hare advocates go off on pre-laying and dead trails all my hashing life, and even though I’m joking when I say they hate us, hate isn’t that far off the mark. Hashers who were raised in one hash tradition are surprisingly intolerant of hashers who were raised in another one.

    I’m sensitive to it because I was raised in the live-hare tradition and have had a hard time adjusting to the reality that the only way I can lay trail these days without getting caught is to pre-lay them. But age, fat, and knee injuries have a way of turning even the most rabid live hare into a dead hare.

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