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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 2/21/10 (and Other Disasters)

Pedalfiles Bash, 2/21/10: Copulator, Stick Me Anywhere, Deep Dish, Appendage, Flying Booger, Bimbo by Day, Redheaded Woodpecker (sitting), Citizen 69, Trailing Dick, Yoda, Pick'n'Flick. Not visible: Gummee & H.M.Ho

And here we thought the Pedalfiles H3 was dying!  Citizen 69 and I live-hared a short town trail this morning (13 miles if you didn’t fall for the bad trails, 15 if you did) riding from our favorite mosque* to the University of Arizona and back.  I’m delighted to report yet another injury-free bash.

We were shocked to learn that a fellow hasher, Joystick Cowboy, had come a-cropper at last night’s jHavelina hash: he slipped on an elevated drainpipe and fell onto rocks below, sustaining broken ribs, a punctured lung, cracked vertebrae, lacerations & cuts, etc.  As soon as we finished on-afters at the mosque a bunch of us trooped by the hospital to visit with him, staying until the doctors came to chase us out.  He’ll be there through Tuesday and probably won’t be running trails for a while . . . but he should be able to drink beer again soon,  so he’s at least got that going for him.

I love bicycle hashing, but accidents and injuries are a constant worry.  We’ve had four serious accidents in the Pedalfiles to date, two of them requiring 911 calls, emergency response, ambulance rides, and hospital stays.  Deep Dish, third from the left in the photo, experienced all of the above when she went over the bars two years ago, breaking both arms.

But people get hurt doing regular hashes too, and Joystick Cowboy’s fall isn’t the first for the jHavelinas . . . about a year ago a jHavelina named Napoleon shattered his tailbone in a fall from a fence he was scaling.

We told Joystick he should join the bash now that he’s pre-qualified, and maybe he will.  It’s interesting that this happened right on the heels of the California hasher getting slashed at the Las Vegas hash last weekend.  Hope it’s not the start of a trend.  We joke about dying on trail and even have a funny verbal shorthand for it, as in “I’m D.O.T. today.” Sadly (and probably inevitably), over the years a small number of hashers have taken it literally . . . please G, don’t let it happen here!

- Flying Booger bought a Slap Chop and got a Graty thrown in.

* The mosque in the background is really a steakhouse that used to be a belly-dancing place.  The owners tolerate us and even let us sing down-down songs.  We bashers may throw a lot of anthrax around, but we’re not jihadists!

Update (2/22/10): I was wrong about Joystick falling onto rocks. He fell into a concrete-surfaced drainage ditch, a drop of 10 to 12 feet. That would do it, all right.

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