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The Glow is Fading

. . . from the May & September romance between younger and older hashers. Witness this, from a recent email exchange on my local jHavelina hash list:

Betty Ford; Jhavelina Run #?

The updated “who’s cummin list” is posted and there are more Jhavelinas Rego’d for Betty Ford Hash XXIV then Humpin Hashers!

RE: [jhavelinaH3] Betty Ford; Jhavelina Run #?

I know this email was penned to elicit a response from me, so here goes.

[ . . . ]

Betty Ford is not only one of the most expensive hash weekends on the West coast, it’s slowly but surely gaining a reputation of “Spring break for the geriatric set”. Even if (and I know I’ll get an email back to attest to this) the reputation isn’t true, it’s still the reputation. Conversely, Humpin’s demographic tends to be young Marines (Hoorah, indeed!). Young Marines tend to like cheap, easy, local fun. (Yeah, yeah.)

[ . . . ]

On, enjoy your geritol, I’ll be at Bar 2 Bar the next weekend in my jammies, on

I suppose this was inevitable. The old husband can’t get it up much any more; the young wife is getting restless.

I wasn’t planning on going to Betty Ford again; now it’s back on my list. Some of those old harriettes who go every year are still pretty hot, IMHO!

- Flying Booger loves his dog.

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