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Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag is a collection of unconnected thoughts and observations which don’t rate separate Half-Mind Weblog entries.  It’ll probably be a regular column . . . in an irregular way.

I spent an hour this morning updating Tucson area hash contact listings at the Half-Mind Catalog. This is kind of a big deal, because the Half-Mind Catalog provides all the North/Central/South American hash contact info for the printed World Hash Directory.  The next edition of the directory will be distrubuted at InterHash 2010 in Borneo, and will be available for sale to other hashers afterward.  Remember how important Magic’s World HHH Directories used to be, back in the pre-internet years?  Well, the majority of hashers around the world still live without the internet, and these print directories are essential to them . . . they’re also damn handy when you’re on the road without a laptop!  I hope you’ll get off your bums and update your hash contact info too.

A little while back I posted an entry about the growing trend of downtown restaurants and bars hosting running events, speculating that hashers might want to get in on it.  Pick’n'Flick and I went to one in Tucson two nights ago and had a great time.  There were several area hashers in attendance, along with members of straight running clubs.  Lots of fun, definitely hash-like, and a great way to meet & recruit like-minded spirits.

I’ve been to maybe two jHavelina hashes in the last two years.  So I was flattered when they asked me to come out of retirement and hare the turkey trail for their upcoming RDR in June.  Of course I said yes.

I’m reactivating the Pima County Traditional H3 for a joint hash with the Desert Divas H3 on Sunday, March 7th.  So far I’m haring this weekend (bike hash); the weekend after (the joint hash I just mentioned); again in April; again in June.  Guess I’m not as “retired” a hasher as I thought I was.

Stray Dog is still MIA.  It’s as if he’s been swallowed by a black hole.  Has anyone heard anything?

- Flying Booger is still wet behind the ears.

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2 comments to Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

  • Pampers

    An hour doing updates? I seem to have done nothing else for the last day or two… but I did send an email to every single contact in the UK database to ask them to check, so it’s my own damn fault I guess. Over 50 updates so far and no doubt more after the weekend.

    And no doubt somebody will complain in Borneo because something is out of date and they couldn’t been arsed to update things!

  • Yeah, but I only updated a few hashes in Arizona. I miss the days when I’d try to get updates for all the hashes in the Americas . . . not! The hash world owes many beers to you and Ra and the few other stalwarts who keep the regional and national hash contact sites up to date.

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