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PISS Hash Trash: 2/14/10

I forgot the camera, so the best I can do by way of visual documentation this month is a small Google satellite view of a portion of our trail.

Our hare today was Wet Toe Job, who took us hashing in her neighborhood out in the Rincon foothills east of town.  Trail followed quiet rural roads and horse paths, dipped down into a couple of deep washes . . . a great three-mile jaunt in sunny 70-degree weather . . . and eventually led us to a mimosa and beer check before bringing us back on-in.  Nice.  We finished up at WTJ’s house where we held a short circle in the back yard.  Lusty pulls to WTJ for a worthy trail, to Bimbo by Day and Redheaded Woodpecker for riding their bicycles all the way from downtown Tucson, to Yoda and Appendage for coming the farthest by car, to Blonde in the Bush for finding the place at all, to Pick’n'Flick and H.M.Ho for thinking they were going to be able to sit down-downs out, to Flying Booger and Low-Flying Booger on general principles, to our friend Jiggy Jiggy in Honolulu, and to the memory of recently-departed Honolulu hasher POM.  We then repaired indoors for WTJ’s spaghetti, Blonde in the Bush’s hash browns, H.M.Ho’s garlic bread, and Pick’n'Flick’s cupcakes.  Zippity Doo, we know you were there with us somehow, too!

Any day with hashing in it is a good day, but a Valentine’s Day with hashing in it is even better!

- Flying Booger is master of all he surveys.

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