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Hijacking Trails

Hijacked trail?

Got this photo from my friend Casual Friday, taken last weekend during the Jolly Rogers H3 hash cruise of the Bahamas.

Until I have a chance to talk to Casual Friday, I don’t know if this was a no-shit hijacked trail, or just a shot check inserted into a Jolly Rogers trail by someone from another hash.  It certainly looks like the latter, and looks like good clean fun.

Do hashers actually hijack trails?  I’ve been told they do, actually laying in wait for a hare to pass, then putting down marks to detour the pack to an on-in or pub other than the one planned by the hare, leaving the poor hare high and dry at the end, wondering what happened to the pack.  That, it seems to me, is not sporting, and if it were done to me would induce anxiety and anger.

Has that happened at your hash, or to you?  What do you think?  Is trail hijacking a good thing or a bad thing?

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3 comments to Hijacking Trails

  • I asked Casual Friday what really happened, and here’s her reply:

    They hijacked my trail, but made the hijack a short one because they love me (I’ve known them for 3 years). They erased my bad trails and added their own loop which included a shot check, and then connected their trail back to my trail on the road, from the fort. I laughed and laughed because my fanny was at the bottom of the hill from the fort, waiting for 85 wankers to come back down knowing the fort at the top of the big hill was a large checkback, and nobody ever came back down! So I went up and saw that it was hijacked and the 2nd City Wanks were waiting for me with shots in their hands!

  • Ha! Love you, Casual Friday! but you are only one in a line of fine hash hijackings by Second City Hash House Harriers – so far: Stole the Chicago Hash not once, but two times and one of them was the Anthrax Hash (and we actually hijacked the trail not once, but two times), stole the St. Louis Big Hump one time and, of course, the Jolly Roger one time! FB- hash hijackings by Second City are always good natured and our beer stops and shot stops always provide better beer and shots and we always get the pack back on the real trail (eventually- hah!) ’cause who wants to pay for an on-in? Watch out for Second City!

  • I put a link to this post on Twitter, where there is a small but growing group of hashers. I’m hearing from hijackers, who swear it’s all in fun and universally loved, but also hearing from hares who’ve had their trails hijacked and see things in a completely different light. Pretty much as I expected. I’m certain that if someone did it to me I wouldn’t like it. Does that make me a bad hasher?

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