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Calendars, Reader Comments

Bimbo, publisher of Harrier International magazine, asked me to contribute an abbreviated version of the Half-Mind Calendar for his readers. I thought some readers might be interested in this note I recently sent to Bimbo, because it goes into some of what’s behind the events calendar:

Jim, I looked at both calendars in the latest issue, mine and the one from Swiss Piss. They both use basically the same format, although mine has flags and the other doesn’t. I think the format is good — easy to read, and the critical information is there (date, name of event, location, link or email address so that readers can find out more).

Some might argue that a print calendar, like the one in your magazine, ought to contain old-fashioned pre-internet contact info for each event — phone numbers or even mailing addresses. If I may just head that off — when you search hashing resources on the net these days, you rarely find phone numbers or addresses. Just email addresses and web links. Pampers, who recently took over the UK/Euro calendar (http://www.hhh.org.uk/) from Prof, still tries to include phone numbers in his listings, but no one else does. I made an editorial decision to use links and email addresses only when I started keeping a calendar again — additional information is far too hard to track down, and in many cases impossible to get.

For the current edition of the calendar (both on my site and in the document I sent you), I used all of the following sources of information:

  • Direct email event notifications sent to me by hashers
  • Hazukashii’s gotothehash.net calendar
  • Hashspace event listings
  • Pamper’s UK/Euro calendar
  • National & regional calendars for Africa, Australia, China, Indochina, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, & Thailand/Myanmar
  • Stray Dog’s calendar, but it seems to have gone away

That’s every source of hash event information I’m aware of. If you know of any others, please tell me about them and I’ll include them on my reference list.

Major updates like the one I just performed take an entire working day, and I do them monthly, toward the end of the month. During the month, I add individual events as they become known to me. Once a week I delete expired events. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy being able to provide a good calendar to hashers.

On On,

I post links to Half-Mind Weblog entries on Twitter, Facebook, and Hashspace.  Here’s an interesting Twitter comment to my Hubris entry:

ugh, we get it. you’re a teetotaler. *some* hashers are profoundly stupid when it comes to getting home. this topic is getting old

Whenever I write about the dark side of hashing, I expect (and get) a few comments like this. People really don’t like to be reminded of the realities of drinking and driving. But look:

  • 99% of hashers drink at the circle; 80-90% of those hashers drive themselves home afterward with some level of alcohol in their blood; a certain number of them will be stopped by the police; a lesser number will get DUIs
  • In many countries (and many locations within the USA) law enforcement agencies have adopted “no tolerance” policies: what that means is that you don’t have to blow a .08 — you can be arrested and convicted of drunk driving with any level of alcohol in your bloodstream
  • The consequences of a drunk driving arrest are severe: you lose your license and can’t drive a car for weeks, even months
  • The consequences of a drunk driving conviction are even more severe: your criminal record will follow you for the rest of your life; you may lose your job and your career; you can’t get normal insurance; you get jail time; you have to pay for and install a breathometer in your car; and on and on

So . . . sorry if that “bores” you, asshole. Have *you* ever been profoundly stupid getting home from a hash? Unless you’re a teetotaler too, you’re lying if you say you haven’t.

And from Hashspace, in response to my recent interview of Beaver Bam Bam Balls, a note from Hash Boy himself!

"I've been told by Foamy that this hasher resembles me, but frankly I'm just not seeing it." -- Hash Boy

"I've been told by Foamy that this hasher resembles me, but frankly I'm just not seeing it." -- Hash Boy

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5 comments to Calendars, Reader Comments

  • Pampers

    I’ve been busy adding new search facilities to the UK site (you can type a postcode in and find the nearest five hashes which, personally, I think is pretty cool [try my own postcode, YO125PF for example]) but the events interchange is very much on my to think about list.

    I keep telephone numbers because that’s basically what Prof did, but there are substantial areas of the world that have hashes that don’t have internet access, and I remember printing out and distributing printouts of the events page to our own hash back in the late 90′s.

    And to your last point, had to give an orange and soda down-down to a virgin last week. Times are changing, even a few years ago I’d have said “it’s only half a pint”. That’s not going to put you over the limit here, but why frighten people off?

  • Pampers

    Oh, and thinking about it, when I started hashing there was a group of about 8 of us that would go to hash HQ after we left the pub the trail finished in, then went to a nightclub.

    On a Monday.

    And three of us worked for the same company and never turned up late the next morning.

    This was quite a few years ago…..

  • Pampers, for years I routinely drove home legally drunk after hashes . . . almost always with a roader between my legs. One of my primary motivations to quit drinking was fear of a long-overdue, richly earned DUI. I know many hashers who have had them (including both my children) and am very familiar with the consequences. In my case it came down to choosing between continuing drinking and hashing, and I chose hashing. That will sound odd to some hashers, who equate hashing with drinking, and who would see the real choice as being between hashing and not hashing. But I’m finding I enjoy hashing just as much without beer as with it.

    I’m still very interested in coming up with a common, interchangable calendar format. When you’ve had some time to think about it, let’s discuss, and maybe bring Hazukashii into the circle.

  • giant ankle

    Of course, your response is much more reasonable after my “asshole” comment. I’m glad it set you off, even though you neglected to continue the conversation there. I still think that demonizing people, especially at this high a view, isn’t the way to go. What if the anonymous commenter in your previous post was one of us 10-20% (to use one of your incongruous, random, made-up numbers) who take great care not to drive under the influence?

    We both like to stir up trouble, but I don’t think it’s the way to go on this subject. That’s not to say that I disagree with this kind of activism, or that Really Bad Stuff happening to people we care about doesn’t warrant a polemic, but fulsome comments like the one you made previously do you and this advocacy harm, especially for those of us who attempt to address these issues on a local level in a more positive way. You have a great story, and I think that sort of comment cheapens it and hurts safety advocacy for all of us. You should know better.

  • GA, are you suggesting that my rants about drinking & driving after hashes are causing otherwise sober hashers to drink & drive? What, otherwise, could you possibly mean by “fulsome comments like the one you made previously do you and this advocacy harm”?

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