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I Have Seen the Future of Hashing . . .

. . . and it is gray and wrinkled!


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From the Pissed Up Pensioners H3 site:

Hi and welcome to the newest Hash in Yorkshire dedicated to the Bus Pass Brigade who are slowly taking over YH3 – 30 members already and growing fast! To fit in with this, hash venues must be reached by public transport.

The original concept was dreamed up by Stick from Harrogate HHH, ably assisted by Jack Tar.

The “run” starts with a pint – we have got our priorities straight – and finishes with a stupendously value for money nosh. Recent examples have included steak and chips for two @ £7 including all the trimmings. Yum yum.

Special needs are catered for including a pacemaker recharging station, new for old crutch replacement, hearing aid insurance and discounted eye surgery. Pensions and prostate advice is also available (Wheels the former, Dark Horse and Henry the latter.) Fees may apply. E & O E.

We meet on the second Thursday of every month at 2.00 pm. All welcome, including rapidly aging members of all hashes who can apply for Subsidised Retirement Training. (Grants from Jake the Peg.)

Runs cost £1 only, which pays for downdowns. HASH TRAIL: X Check. O False Trail. One blob of flour = On as we are all knackered, some more than others, and we have a lot of food and drink to get through. (Stick, DD and Henry may soon need to bring sat navs or very long pieces of elastic to prevent getting lost, or perhaps we could train suitable dogs / harriets and put them on leads with poop bags to help with any little mishaps.)

Sounds like my kind of hash!

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