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Hash Site Review: HashSpace Wiki


Sux2Blow, the webmaster of HashSpace, announced the start of HashSpace Wiki a couple of months ago.  Since then, hashers have been correcting, updating, and adding information to this user-edited repository of hashing information.

Sux2Blow set up some broad categories:

  • Hash History
  • Hash Traditions
  • Hash Kennels
  • Hash Events

More categories can be added . . . all a user has to do is write one in.  Under every category, users can add all sorts of information.  Some of the stuff that’s been added so far are kennel listings by country, province, and state; hash names; hash songs; circle traditions; types of trails; and information on nash hashes and interhashes.

So far, and this is just little old me in Tucson Arizona, I’ve personally added entries and information for all of the following:

  • Arizona HHH kennels (Pedalfiles, PISS, Pima County Traditional)
  • Extra-geographical kennels (Harriers MC, Stan Nats, Gang of Six, HHH Publishers Association)
  • Essays on types of trails and circles
  • External links to HHH resources on the web
  • Fat Boys Athletic Club

But the surface has barely been scratched, and it’s up to us to scratch it.  A Wiki by definition is a user-edited encyclopedia, and if your hash kennel isn’t listed, it’s because you haven’t listed it!  Bottom line: this thing will only be as good as we make it . . . so get busy, hashers!

How can you get in on the fun?  Unlike its sponsoring site, HashSpace, you don’t have to be a member to use or edit the Wiki.  Click on the link, review the instructions on how to edit and add information posted under the Site Usage section, and have at it.  All you have to do is leave your hash name on the editing form, and type in a password (which is displayed on Wiki’s main page).  It really couldn’t be any easier, and your input goes straight from your keyboard into the Wiki where we all can read it.

HashSpace Wiki is cool and very much in the spirit of hashing.  I hope we get behind it and support it!

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