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Southern Arizona’s Newest Hash

. . . is the Pedalfiles HHH.  A bike hash based in Tucson, founded by Bimbo by Day and Casual Friday.  When we finally came up with the name, after three contentious membership meetings (among the discards: Sluts on Wheels, Rim Runners, Biking Under the Influence, Sleazy Riders), I rather thought it would be spelled “Pedalphiles.”  When Bimbo and Casual told me it was “Pedalfiles,” I figured that’s the way they wanted to spell it and it would be petty to argue with them.

But now that I’ve thought about it, I like Pedalfiles better.  You don’t think “pedophile” when you see the word . . . it doesn’t hit you until you say it out loud.  That’s way better.

Besides, if we spelled it Pedalphiles, perverts doing Google searches would wind up on our site, and G knows, we have enough perverts in our group as it is!

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