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HashSite Review: The Hashpaedia



Shakesprick has launched a new hash information site, The Hashpaedia.  When I saw the announcement this morning, I immediately thought of Wikipedia.  You know, the popular online encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to, improve, and edit.  What a boon to hashers this’ll be, I thought . . . ’cause I have plenty to contribute!

Wikipedia, after all, makes its software and formatting shell available to the public, and a number of Wikipedia-style special interest sites have sprung up, each of them a community effort . . . sites like LostPediaConservaPedia, Downloadpedia, Uncyclopedia, even Battle Star Wiki.  Isn’t it time hashers have their own Wikipedia?

Well, what Shakesprick has given us is a damn good online encyclopedia, but alas, it’s not a community effort . . . Shakesprick does all the work, and we have no direct input.

The Hashpaedia is set up in late-1990s static home page style with basic HTML formatting (which unfortunately needs some tweaking).   There’s an A to Z menu on top.  Clicking on F, for example, takes you to a list of F entries: short bios on individual hashers from Fast Food to Fucking Beep Beep; entries on countries from The Faeroes to French Polynesia; entries on hash events from Friday the 13th hashes to full moon hashes; and miscellaneous entries on topics ranging from false trails to FRBs.  Here’s the entry on FRBs:

FRB stands for Front Running Bastards, the much cursed, but just possibly secretly admired, fit bastards who are forever disappearing into the distance on a run.

Front running must be done with a certain panache. Harriet front-runners are generally more happily accepted. Dogs and children, under say ten, also tend to get away with it, and might even be thought cute.

Probably the first ever FRB was John Wyatt-Smith on the pre-war Mother Hash.

The fastest FRB of all time was Dancing Dan, an international class marathon runner. Probably the fastest FRB still active is Blind Pew of Stockholm H3, and a member of the British Orienteering team.

Only known runner banned for his FRB tactics was an occasional hasher in Jakarta who, in his anxiety to get to the front of the pack, tried to push a pregnant woman off a bamboo bridge. This did not go down well, particularly as this was on the ‘Pussy’ Hash!

Great stuff, but how much better could it be if it were done up Wikipedia-style, where members of the worldwide hashing community could add new entries and expand on existing ones?

Quibbles: I mentioned bad formatting . . . specifically, the words on individual pages run off the right side of the screen.  In addition, there’s an “about the hashpaedia” link on the main page that doesn’t actually link to anything.  Most surprising to me, there’s no contact link to Shakesprick.  If you want to contribute to the Hashpaedia, how do you do it?  This is basic stuff that needs to be fixed, and soon.

Raves: good & clever writing and a tremendous range of interesting hashy information, something no other hashing site offers.  Shakesprick has done us all a favor.  You’ll find yourself going back to Hashpaedia again and again.

Update (9/22/09): New URL (links updated); About the Haspaedia link now works, lots of new material added & some old material updated; most importantly, there is now an email address for submitting corrections, updates, and fresh information. Good to see Shakesprick is hard at work! Now if he’d just fix the left margin so that the text doesn’t run off the right side of the screen . . . bitch, bitch, bitch!

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