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Flour Transportation

Live hare, dead hare, you still need something to keep your flour and chalk in.  Right now there’s a lively debate over flour transportation methods on hash-l, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.

Booger's Hare Bag

Booger's hare bag

My solution is this fabric pilot’s map bag. It’s about a foot tall, six inches wide, and five inches deep.  It has side pouches for chalk or squares of drywall and holds five pounds of flour.  The good thing about it is that the fabric is thick and hard so that the bag keeps its shape.  The top stays open when you’re running, making it easy to reach in and grab flour.  If you’ve ever hared with soft fabric or plastic grocery bags, you’ll know why a top that stays open is a good thing.  I keep the adjustable strap short enough that the bag doesn’t bungee up and down when I run.

If I need more than five pounds of flour I carry another bag in a backpack or stash some on trail beforehand.

If I’m haring a bicycle hash, I add a second strap so that I can loop the bag around my left shoulder and have it rest against my right hip.  That way it doesn’t move around too much when I pedal, and it’s right there whenever I need to grab flour.  Not to introduce another topic or anything, but the trouble with haring for a bash is getting flour all caked in your gears, especially if you’re right-handed. I’m still searching for a solution to that problem!

You can find similar bags at pilot shops on the internet, but they’re not cheap.  I got mine at Royal Bag, just outside Osan Air Base in Songtan, South Korea.  They don’t seem to have a web site, but if you know any GIs stationed in Korea, they can probably get one for you.

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