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O Noes We Are Hash Trashin’!

One of my favorite hash trashes, from a traditional mens’ hash back in July 2004, recycled here for your pleasure:


I am thinkin if Dick Cheney was to have showed up tonight he woulda told the hares to fuck themselves. But he did not an so we did.

“On no Flyin Booger [...]



That’s one of the things you learn about when you have a website, bandwidth. Monday and Tuesday, someone sucked up all my bandwidth and pwoodford.net went down. I traced the problem to this blog and am working on fixing the problem. Not sure if I’m being hit by a bot of some sort, or if [...]


Recipe Call, Continued

The Half-Mind Cookbook recipe drive continues!

Yes, this exists (fortunately, though, not in the Half-Mind Cookbook)

Another hasher contributed to the cookbook today, adding a beer chili recipe that makes four gallons, perfect for a big hash feed. Thanks, Mother Ducker!

Do you have a great on-after recipe to share [...]


Another Great Gone

I’m very sorry to forward this announcement from our friend Amnesia:

It is with deep sadness I have to advise that Dr. Gordon ‘Prof’ Williams, a long-time member of Bicester Hash House Harriers, died this morning.

I first met Prof in 1978 when he arrived at the hash one Monday evening. From first sight he [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 7/8/12 (Would You Like Some Hills with That?)

Wankers Aweigh laid a cunning trail for his fellow bashers this morning, approximately 15 to 20 miles of hills, hills, and more hills, from Marana down to Pima College West and back … with a few hills thrown in. I say approximately because all but two of us turned back at various points along the [...]