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Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 4/22/12

L to R: Wankers, Hot Legs, Master Meat Finder, Gaysian, Flying Booger (photo by Humpin')

Harriers MCH3 broke a longstanding tradition by meeting at a restaurant that was actually open for business, the Hungry Rooster on the east side. Everyone arrived early and took advantage of the unexpected openness by going inside for breakfast [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 4/15/12

Pedalfiles H3 @ Hi Corbett Field

Left to right: Appendage, Yoda, NHN John, Hash Jive, Pearl of the Andes, Wankers Aweigh, Pick’n’Flick, Hot Legs. Redheaded Woodpecker is in front. I snapped today’s group photo before quite everyone had shown up. Master Meat Finder arrived a few minutes later and, along with Hot Legs and [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 4/8/12

We should probably have called this hash The Great Pima Independent Sunday Social Easter Egg Hunt. At the circle last month we debated whether to hold April’s hash on Easter Sunday or move it to another week; since most of us felt Jesus (with G’s blessing, of course) would have wanted us to hash no [...]


The Perfectly Laid Trial

Ha! Here’s a bit of 1980s hash nostalgia, a hand-typed and illustrated hare guide from the Hogtown H3, sent to me by Toronto hasher Rose eh.

From Rose eh’s accompanying letter: “This was before the internet and email … a fun, hashy read, when times were simpler, but no less beer and shiggy crazed, and [...]