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Epiphanies R Us

So here’s another one: I’m getting ready to update the calendar yesterday when it hits me there’s no evidence anyone uses it. There are other online hash calendars, not to mention a user-supported list of upcoming events on HashSpace.

Any objections if I phase it out? Editing it is a significant amount of work, and [...]


A Minor Epiphany

Definitely not a major epiphany, and nothing close to a paradigm shift. But I’ll take my insights where I find them … and share them with you, dear hashers.

I skipped the monthly motorcycle hash yesterday to go riding with the Tucson Bash. This is the new bicycle hash I blogged about in [...]


Photography at Hash Events

I don’t remember if it was an Iguana or a Colorado InviHashional, but there I was. sitting naked in a hotel hot tub with fifty other naked hashers, unwinding after a long day on trail, when some asshole — one of us, but still an asshole — fished a flash camera out of his bag [...]


Hashing: Are We a Family? Hell, Yes.

Most of you by now have heard the sad story of Las Vegas hasher Bloody Asshole, mortal name Ron Kirk. When he went missing earlier this year, concerned family members contacted Ron’s known friends, several of whom are hashers. Members of the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers went looking for him.

They found Ron’s car [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 3/12/12

Beer near? Time to run! Spring Break, Pick'n'Flick, Maxie, Low Flying Booger

Who was who today? Any hasher who was at the PISS Hash, that’s who: Yoda & Appendage, Zorro, Spring Break, Pick’n’Flick, IBM & TLC, HM Ho & Captain Einstein, no-names Paul & Abby, and a large canine contingent: Low Flying Booger with [...]