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Caveat Emptor

Every now and then someone complains about an event I listed on the Half-Mind Calendar. My last angry email was from a guy who went on a hash train tour through Russia and Mongolia. He thought the tour was more about making money for the organizers than about hashing, and told me I shouldn’t have [...]


HHHistory: the Italian Connection (Updated)

Update (2/21/12): I just heard a claim that the story of Gus Mackey and the 1947 founding of the Bordighera H3 is false, made up out of whole cloth by some hashers at a later date, and then, inexplicably, accepted by one and all — including Tumbling Bill Panton, who lists the 1947 founding date [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 2/19/12

Maybe a better title for this post would have been Return of the 20+ Mile Trail. And that’s a good thing! The typical Pedalfiles Bash trail is about 1 1/2 hours long, varying from 12 to 16 miles depending on hills and headwinds, but we manage to work in a mini-Tour de Tucson from time [...]


Hidden Heresy

Prompted by my previous post about the “drinking club with a running problem” motto favored by many hashers, a friend alerted me to a hidden heresy on the San Francisco H3 website.

First look at this:

Screen capture from SFH3 home page (click image to link)

Then this:

Screen capture from Google (click [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 2/12/12

We were thinking winter was over. It got up to almost 80°F yesterday, and I worried about bringing the dogs, Low-Flying Booger and NHN Maxie, on today’s Pima Independent Sunday Social trail, but the morning broke clear and cool with a nice breeze thrown in, perfect for a Valentine’s Day hash.

We joined HM Ho [...]


Booger’s Hash Bag

A couple of items that have been bouncing around in the bottom of the bag:

Hops, he of Red Dress Run fame, shares my disdain for the widely-used “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” motto. It’s certainly true hashers drink (most of us, anyway). It’s certainly true we traditionally have beer after a trail. But [...]


Road Trip

Last month 2X4 and Skinnidip from Sierra Vista joined us in Tucson for the Pedalfiles Bash. While they were here they invited us down their way for a Super Bowl Sunday bash and party. We decided to take them up on it.

Pick'n'Flick arrives at the on-in

Yesterday morning Pick’n’Flick, Green Flagger, and I [...]