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Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/18/11

On my way to this morning’s Pedalfiles bike hash, I rode past the same bike lane symbol I’d ridden past a hundred times before, but this time it seemed to have something to say to me:

Bicyclist! Are you properly equipped?

Firmly gripping the bar with one hand in accordance with the dictates of [...]


Bad News from Rocket City

I just heard that Smoking Weiner of the Rocket Shitty H3 in Alabama was badly injured when he was hit by a car during the Rocket City Marathon last Saturday. He was helping out as a volunteer, manning a water station at the 13.2 mile mark. According to the Huntsville Times, he’s in critical condition [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 12/11/11

What a great turnout for last night’s Pima Independent Sunday Social trail through Winterhaven: 16 hashers! Who was there? Redheaded Woodpecker (our glorious hare), Flying Booger, Pick’n’Flick, Green Flagger, Yoda, Appendage, Zorro, Satisfaction Guaranteed, Citizen 69, H.M.Ho, and Spring Break, joined by several no-names: Andrew, Drew, Jade, Dave, and Scott. And no dogs!

Nor was [...]


Red Dress Wars: Hashers 1, Poachers 0

In a recent post I wrote about non-hashing running groups copying and co-opting our long-time hashing tradition, the Red Dress Run. In that post I mentioned efforts to head off a non-hashing RDR in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I wanted to share with you a happy note from Have Shit Will Travel of the LVH3, who [...]