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Banishment (Oh, the Humanity)

Fair warning: this post contains dirty hash laundry. Sensitive hashers should avert their eyes, plug their ears, and sing “la-la-la” until they get to the next post down.

A local hasher emailed me, asking me to weigh in as a elder and condemn a guy for getting physically violent at a recent weekend hash. I’m [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 8/21/11

Hash Jive, Pearl, Appendage, Woodpecker, NHN Scott, NHN Maria, Yoda, Deep Dish, Flying Booger (not in photo: Green Flagger, H.M. Ho, Citizen 69)

The Pedalfiles met at Deep Dish’s house at 8:00 AM on Sunday, August 22nd, for the monthly bash. Joining hares Redheaded Woodpecker and Flying Booger were Green Flagger, Yoda and Appendage, [...]


Lost in Translation

We’ve all read or heard garbled versions of hash history, but this one should get some kind of award. For sure, it’s one of the more amusing examples I’ve seen. It’s from a website called Helium, a Wikipedia-like information resource with user-generated content.

If it’s this far off on hashing, I hate to think what [...]


Guest Post: Athleticism

After reading my recent post on athleticism and hashing, Pittsburgh hasher Fuk Stik sent me a long comment. He has so much to say, and says it so well, I decided to turn it into a guest post (with his kind permission, of course). Here it is, in Fuk Stik’s own words:


Here’s my [...]


By Declaration of the Royal We

So you thought Java was hosting InterHash 2012? Wrongo, moose breath, Kenya is! How did we learn of this surprising development? From the Royal We, the very “Publisher for the Hash World®” himself:

Due to a long and intensive investigation of the voter fraud that occured at the last Interhash in Borneo, it is the [...]



I know, using the A-word in a post about hashing … G must be rolling over in his grave.

We bumped into a local hasher at an event in downtown Tucson last night, and Pick’n’Flick invited him to come to the Pedalfiles H3 bike hash I’m haring this coming Sunday. He literally [...]


Yet More HHHistory

Since my last post I’ve been in communication with Amnesia, the British hasher who uncovered much of Gispert’s early history. Everything Amnesia has to say is interesting and pertinent to the discussion, and this time I asked him about a statement I read a while back, that some of the early Harrier clubs in Malaya [...]