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More HHHistory: Gispert’s Body

I never liked it that so many hashes celebrate Gispert’s death with memorial runs … personally, I think we should celebrate his birth. But G’s death is more interesting than his birth, and that’s what hashers focus on. Hashers like the Aussie harrier who recently asked me if I knew where G’s body was actually [...]


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 7/24/11

It was a halfway cool morning, something you don’t get often in Tucson in July. The Harriers MCH3 formed up at Viv’s Cafe on the corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Highway: Asshole in El Paso, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, and Redheaded Woodpecker. Recognizing that the unseasonably cool temperature was due to solid [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 7/16/11

Pedalfiles bashers met at Deep Dish’s house this morning for our monthly bicycle hash. Deep Dish was our hostess hare; laying trail were Cockstalker and Green Flagger. Bashers in attendance were Yoda and Appendage, Flying Booger and Pick’n’Flick, Zorro, Redheaded Woodpecker, Hash Jive and Pearl of the Andes, Stud Muffin and Sextortionist, and one virgin [...]