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Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 5/22/11

Let’s see … motorcycles, hashers, and a picnic … well, why not? Our hares, Wankers Aweigh and Hot Legs, suggested we meet at their house on Tucson’s northwest side this morning, offering to feed us coffee and breakfast before our ride. With a deal like that, you get a good turnout: Humpin’ One Dalmatians was [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 5/15/11

Last time I hared a bash in my northeast Tucson neighborhood, everyone raved about the trail. We have hills up here, secluded streets, a moderate amount of shiggy, even some shade. Of course the last time I hared a bash in my northeast Tucson neighborhood, it wasn’t so freaking hot out, which probably explains why [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 5/8/11

A truck full of Mothers’ Day. Another truck, this one loaded with Hashing. Air horns blare! Tires screech! They crash together! Bloody carnage, but out of the wreckage comes … Reese’s Mothers’ Day Hashing Cups!

Our hares, Master Meat Finder and Bring ‘Em Young, set us a fine trail down the Canada del Oro wash [...]


InterAmericas Hash 2013?

InterAmericas Hash is just a few months away. In case you’ve been under a rock … or hiding out in Osama bin Laden’s suburban mansion … the next InterAm will be held in Savannah, Georgia, in early October.

This morning I got an email from one of the first InterAm organizers, asking if I’d heard [...]


Kids at the Hash

The issue of kids at the hash has been debated for a long time, as witness this letter from the February 1996 Ask Dr. Down-Down column:

Dear Dr. Down-Down, Wanna hear my impersonation of the Hash List? Here goes: kids shouldn’t be allowed at the hash, I agree, I disagree, fuck off ya buncha whiners, [...]