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Harriers Mash Trash: 4/24/11

Regroup in Sonoita, Arizona

In keeping with the grand tradition of Harriers MCH3, Flying Booger picked the perfect meeting place for today’s mash: a restaurant that was closed for Easter Sunday. Joining FB in the deserted parking lot were Asshole in El Paso, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, and Humpin’ One Dalmatian.



Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Theater (Now with Four Updates, & Censored to Boot)

Can this possibly be true? According to the two articles below, this guy, apparently a hare for the Peach Fuzz H3, laid flour inside an International House of Pancakes restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, and when confronted by an IHOP employee, said the powder was anthrax and ran away.

Is this even remotely believable? I know [...]


This Made My Morning

Every week, Google sends me an email alert with links to newspaper, web, and blog posts about the Hash House Harriers. This morning I got one that included this link:

Has anyone here started up a Hash House Harriers kennel?

I’ve started a few kennels myself and have written articles and blog posts on the [...]


Here’s to the Hares!

Seen on Sunday’s Pedalfiles Bash trail:

I was the first rider in the pack to come across this check mark … the other riders were all behind me.

Interesting. We appear to be embarking upon a new era in hashing, one where hares provide not only trail marks but pack arrows too.



PISS Hash Trash: 4/10/11

Saturday was cold, windy, and rainy, but Sunday started off merely cold, with temps forecast to rise into the low 60s … perfect hashing weather for the monthly running of the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers!

We met the hares, Wet Toe Job and Green Flagger, at Wet Toe Job’s house down by [...]