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Things People Think About the Hash (Part II)

Dear Hashers,

I’m starting to think this should be a regular column. It’s amazing what you hear about hashing from non-hashers, and I think it’s useful to look into that mirror from time to time. Here’s a recent discovery, from an online forum for overseas teachers:

The Good Wife and I are about to embark [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 3/20/11

Master Meat Finder, Perineum Between'em, Yoda, Pearl of the Andes, Pick'n'Flick, Snot Rocket, Redheaded Woodpecker, Flying Booger

The Pedalfiles tried Peruvian-style bashing today on a trail hared by Hash Jive, with special assistance from his cohort in crime, Pearl of the Andes. Say what?

Okay, here’s the deal. Hash Jive took off from the [...]


Hashing Straight (Part VI)

I missed an important anniversary. Well, no, I remembered, just forgot to blog it.

Last Sunday, March 13th, marked the end of my fourth year of sober hashing, and the start of my fifth. No beer, no wine, no booze of any kind. How did I celebrate? By setting trail for the hash, how else?


PISS Hash Trash: 3/13/11

Wow, this morning saw one of our better Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash turnouts: Baah-berator with his daughter (and first-time hasher) Just Michelle, Burning Bush, Tucson Slew & Communicable Disease, Pick’n’Flick, Appendage & Yoda, Tastes Like Chicken & Itty Bitty Member, and Redheaded Woodpecker, accompanied by three canine hashers, Low-Flying Booger, Just Josie, and Just [...]


One Way to Tear Down a Hash

Sue a big company. Even if you’re in the right, even if you eventually win, it’s hell on the hash.

Here’s a quick summary of two previous blog posts on this subject:

I shared a newspaper article about a lawsuit between members of the Sacramento H3 and a large aerospace defense contractor, Aerojet. Some [...]


Things People Think About the Hash (Part I)

This reader comment was posted to a article about the movie Rosemary’s Baby at a conspiracy site called Vigilant Citizen:

Not Blind says: February 27, 2011 at 10:06 am

Military personnel are also deeply involved in the Hash House Harriers, which is a worldwide society that promotes the idea that sex is just another recreational [...]


Here’s to Older Hashers …

Fellow hasher & friend of the blog Captain Zero gets the Colbert Bump:


Update on Sacramento

Well, this is interesting … after I posted the entry about the run-in, lawsuit, and subsequent legal settlement between Aerojet plant security and some Sacramento, California hashers (two entries below, or click here), a confidential informant emailed me a PDF copy of the actual lawsuit filed by five Sacramento H3 members against Aerojet.

I’m reluctant [...]