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Damn You, Autocorrect!

Sent to my Facebook account from my Droid:


We Get Mail . . .

The following emails were prompted by my recent (Not Really a) New Year’s Resolution post. The first one comes from Higgins in Belgium, and I’ve included my response (in blue):


I like your post and wonder to what extent what you’re experiencing locally is representative of the entire hashing community. Getting close to [...]


Royal Selangor Club H3 Video

As someone on the hash list said, “Hey, there’s finally a hash video I can show my mother!”

- Flying Booger also has something he’d like to show your mother.


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 1/16/11

Apart from a pre-trail nightmare* and an on-after venue that advertised food when in fact there was none to be had, today’s Pedalfiles Bike Hash was pretty damn good. How good? I really shouldn’t say, since I was the hare, but here are the bare facts:

Start was at Hi Corbett Field next door to [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 1/2/11

It was a sunny but chilly morning with snow on the ground. As I got out of my car after the long drive to Benson, my first thought was “This is gonna be just like hashing in Korea.” Less the smell of kim chee, that is.

Our New Year’s PISS Hash was hosted by Itty [...]


(Not Really A) New Year’s Resolution

Quit going to booze-centric hashes and hash events.

And that’s it. Pretty simple, yes? The beauty of it is that as a non-drinking hasher, it’s a resolution I can keep . . . in fact, it’s pretty much what I’m already doing, only I’ll be doing it more so.

A lot of people say you [...]