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Annual Hashmas Poetry Post

Oh my Gispert, it’s Hashmas Eve, and time for holiday hash bloggage! Here, for good little harriers and harriettes everywhere, are three heart-warming Hashmas poems to put you to sleep while you’re waiting for Hash Santa. Merry Hashmas to you and yours from Flying Booger and Pick’n’Flick!



Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/19/10

A small pack turned out today for another 69th riding of the Pedalfiles Bash, joining hare Cockstalker at Old Chicago Pizza on North Campbell. This time of year most bashers are busy appeasing Mammon in preparation for Christmas. But some of us have no lives at all, and we are the hardy few who showed [...]


Fresh Linkage

I added a new link today, this one to Hops’ excellent and useful Red Dress Runs site:

Click on the image to go to the site

Hops, over the years, has become the go-to harrier for anything RDR-related. This site is one of the results, and features an international calendar of RDR events, history, [...]


The Hazards of Zombie Powder

Yesterday was the semiannual (or maybe biennial, I don’t remember) joint running of the Pima County Traditional and Desert Divas Hash House Harriers, hared this time by Charlotte the Harlot and Mad Dawg (for the Divas) and Redheaded Woodpecker and me (for the Traditionals).

The Hares: Harlot, Booger, Mad Dawg, Woodpecker. Beer Angel: Wet [...]


The Bag Is Back

douche noun \?düsh\

a : a jet or current of liquid (as a cleansing solution) directed against or into a bodily part or cavity (as the vagina)

b : an act of cleansing with a douche

c : an obsolete and potentially harmful object that should not be allowed within ten feet of any vagina [...]