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Harriers Mash Trash: 11/28/10

This one goes down in history as the How Can There Be Global Warming When It’s This Cold Mash.

The pack assembles

El Paso, Wankers Aweigh, Hot Legs, Flying Booger, and Green Flagger met at El Con Mall on Broadway at 10 AM, only to find no hare. Ten minutes later, Redheaded Woodpecker rode [...]


Next Thanksgiving

From the Half-Mind Hymnal:

NEXT THANKSGIVING Melody – Frere Jacques

Next Thanksgiving, next Thanksgiving, Don’t eat bread, don’t eat bread, Shove it up the turkey, shove it up the turkey, Eat the bird, eat the bird.

Next Christmas, next Christmas, Don’t trim a tree, don’t trim a tree, Shove it up the chimney, shove it [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 11/21/10

Today’s Pedalfiles Bash didn’t look like it was going to be much bigger than last month’s, what with only Redheaded Woodpecker, Flying Booger, and Green Flagger in the parking lot at start time, but within minutes Cock Stalker, Womb with a View, and Bimbo by Day drove up, so we had a decent pack. Woodpecker [...]


Waltz Me Around by My Willie

Everybody knows Willie, right? Veteran member of the USA’s oldest kennel, the Washington DC Hash House Harriers, elder statesman of American hashing? What? You don’t? You need to get out more!

Bill Singleton, known to hashers everywhere as Willie, lives and hashes in Washington DC (duh), where he’s been on-on for 35 years. During that [...]



I’ve read this interview before, and quote parts of it elsewhere on this blog . . . but I never knew there was video! Enjoy a bit of hash history with one of the original founders, Cecil Lee.

– Flying Booger is unworthy!



PISS Hash Trash: 11/14/10

We had a good turnout for November’s PISS Hash: Yoda & Appendage, CD & Tucson Slew, Flying Booger & Pick’n’Flick (w/Low-Flying Booger), El Paso, IBM & TLC (w/Josie & Cola), our hare Zorro, and a new-to-Tucson hasher, Latrina Linda, formerly of the San Miguel H3 in Mexico.

PISS hashers at the start

Zorro, recycling [...]


Note to Self

How to get along with the big dogs:

1. Schedule your small hash event on a day the big hash doesn’t meet.

2. Let big hash mismanagement know about your event months ahead of time (don’t forget to send periodic reminders).

3. Wait for the big hash to schedule a conflicting event.

4. Have a [...]


Harriers Mash Trash: 10/31/10

L to R: Wankers & Hot Legs, Humpin', El Paso, Green Flagger

Bright and early Hallowe’en morning, members of Harriers MC (Tucson Chapter) assembled at the Triple T Truck Stop for our long-delayed and many-times-postponed ride to the National Optical Astronomy Observatory at Kitt Peak. At last it was cool enough to contemplate a [...]