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Updated: Death of (Another) Hasher

Update (11/1/10): A visitor to the blog (see comments below) passes on a secondhand report that Bus Job was seen by a neighbor Sunday morning, which, if true, would mean he made it home from the hash okay Saturday night and injured himself later on Sunday. I would like to think that’s what happened, but [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 10/17/10

Behold the hare and entire pack of today’s Pedalfiles Bash, our heavily-advertised 4th On-Oniversary ride (click image to see larger):

Smallest pack ever? Actually, no . . .

You just never know with the bash. One month we’ll draw a crowd, another month . . . like this one, for example . . . [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 10/10/10

True enough, Just Arthur, Just Jane, Just Ted, Just Patsy, and Just Jim gathered on Sunday morning, 10/10, at 10:10, to send hare Yoda off on his way through the desert with his bag of flour. But it wasn’t just those folks. They were joined by Cuntographer, Cumsohardshedie, the little guy (age 4 months) and [...]


Have Cell Phone, Will Travel

While I was on a cross-country motorcycle ride earlier this month, I looked at this blog on my new Android. It was just as you see it on your desktop or laptop PC, only tiny and unreadable.

This morning I installed a plugin that automatically senses when readers access the blog with mobile devices, presenting [...]