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Harriers Mash Trash: 8/29/10

Summer riding in southern Arizona is only for the hardcore, which probably explains the small turnout for today’s Harriers MC Mash. Or maybe the start was too hard to find. Whichever, Flying Booger, Wankers Aweigh, and Hot Legs met the hare, Humpin’ 1 Dalmatians, at El Guero Canelo on Oracle just north of Grant, where [...]


And We Think We Have It Tough . . .

Check out this “official” list of RULES (!) for laying trail in Singapore. This is a no-shitter, taken from the Hash House Harriers Singapore site. Before you go to bed tonight, thank G for whatever freedoms you enjoy as a hasher and a hare — you could be hashing in Singapore!

Guidelines when setting a [...]


Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

What’s in Flying Booger’s goodie bag? Why, it’s hashing . . . in the news!

SWP Strikes Again . . . in Delaware

What is SWP? Oh, come on, you know what it is!

“Authorities shut down a three-quarter mile stretch of the Downtown Wilmington Riverwalk for about 45 minutes Saturday evening to investigate [...]


Another Weekend, Another Red Dress Run

Just back from a great hashing weekend in Bisbee, Arizona, and the Howlin’ H3 Red Dress Run.

Pick’n’Flick and I wisely (or so we thought) elected not to stay at the hash hotel, instead holing up at the Copper Queen, a historic hotel four blocks down the hill from RDR HQ, The Inn at Castle [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 8/15/10

We’re not gonna have a bash in August, because we’re all going to Bisbee that weekend! Oh wait, that’s a different weekend! Okay, the bash is back on!

With this kind of buildup . . . and a 106-degree forecast . . . you wouldn’t think many bashers would show up. You (and by “you” [...]


Hash Names Only, Please

Recently an area hash published a Who’s Coming list for a weekend event. The list contained hash names and real names. I emailed the organizers, suggesting they delete the real names from the list, and they agreed to do it.

Why the concern? Well . . .

Southern Arizona hashers have not experienced, thank Gispert, [...]


Death of a Hasher

Shakesprick emailed this morning to tell me that one of the ten medical aid workers murdered by Taliban in Afghanistan over the weekend, Karen Woo (pictured), was one of our own.

Karen, a doctor from London, hashed with Kabul H3. She kept a personal blog of her adventures in Afghanistan, a blog I just finished [...]