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Las Vegas H3 . . . Still There?

Yep, still there. Thriving, in fact. I’m in the middle of a motorcycle trip to Las Vegas and Death Valley, and although I wasn’t able to hash with LVH3 Saturday night, I did manage to swing by the start, up at the Spring Mountain Saloon on the road between Blue Diamond and Pahrump. Click the [...]


R.I.P. Wolf

Just got word that Wolfgang Gust, aka The Wolf, passed away on trail today. Wolf was one of the legendary figures of hashing and I’m proud to have known and have hashed with him. To die while literally on trail . . . now there was a hasher’s hasher!

In memory of Wolf, I’m reposting [...]


Away Weekend

No jHavelina hash this Saturday*, no Pedalfiles bash Sunday. Everyone is going to Mexico for a weekend on the beach at Puerto Peñasco, aka Rocky Point**.

“Everyone,” of course, means “some”; plenty of local hashers will remain in Tucson. But the will to hash is simply not there, and no one is willing to organize [...]


I Bet You Think this Song Is About You, Don’t You

I’m feeling vain about the Half-Mind Hymnal this morning. Why? Because of you.

You’re awesome. You got what I was trying to do with the Half-Mind Catalog and helped make it a collaborative effort, not a one-man show like most other hashing sites. You supported it by contributing articles, improvements, and added features, then took [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 4/11/10

Being the second Sunday of the month, today was PISS Hash day. I set a 3.5-mile trail in our neighborhood, starting and ending at our house. The turkey option cut half a mile off trail, and a super-turkey option was shorter yet. Most of the pack took turkey; CD did the full eagle; Pick’n’Flick, Low-Flying [...]


End of an Era

The hash e-mail listserve at hash-l@usc.edu, after almost 18 years of operation, is about to be shut down.

Notice appeared on Thursday, April 1st:

Well, the time has come for HASH-L to sing “Swing Low,” gather up all the empties, and head ON OUT.

Mainly, due to the University of Southern California, which owns/administers [...]


Half-Mind TrendWatch© Alert (Part II)

In an earlier entry, I blogged about the trend of big- and medium-city restaurants and sports bars sponsoring running and walking events. It’s not hashing but it’s hash-like, and here in Tucson, at least, it’s proven popular with hashers and R-word scum alike.

Pick’n’Flick and I have been to five or six of these weekly [...]


Social Media & Hashing

Posted to hash-l@usc.edu yesterday:

I forgot that I had a Facebook page. It had no picture or info, but in recent days it was discovered and I received many “friend” invites, which I accepted. All of my new “friends” are from the hash and I realized that unless I go thru complex privacy settings, what [...]