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What They’re Looking For

I haven’t done one of these posts for a long time. About once a month I check my site stats to see what Half-Mind Weblog readers are interested in. Looking through the stats this morning, something I can’t explain jumped out at me. Maybe you can explain it to me.

First, here are the most [...]


Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag is a occasional column containing hash-related observations too short to justify stand-alone Half-Mind Weblog entries.

Barterbitch from Melbourne takes me to task for differentiating between male and female hashers with the labels “harrier” and “harriette.” Looking back at past posts, I have to plead guilty. We are hashers, every one of [...]


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 28 Mar 10

First a quick plug: Harriers MCH3, Tucson Chapter meets on the 4th Sunday of every month. Check our upcoming ride announcements at the link (Yahoo group, requires signup).

It just so happens that today was the 4th Sunday of March, so we had a mash (motorcycle hash). Start was at the Triple T truck stop [...]


Harriers, Half-Minds, and Hashers

In yesterday’s post, I commented on an email someone sent me about Phil Kirkland’s famous quote: “If you’ve half a mind to try hashing, that’s all you’ll need.” Re-reading the message, something else catches my eye.

The message, addressed to regional and national hash directory webmasters, contains a proposal to adopt a standardized set of [...]


Oh, the Huge Manatee

Everybody loves “A Drinking Club with a Running Problem” motto. Not me. I always loved the one Phil Kirkland came up with in a newspaper interview back in the 1970s: “If you’ve half a mind to try hashing, that’s all you’ll need.”

Used to be, every hasher could quote that line. Used to be, [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 3/21/10

Great turnout today for Gummee & Woodpecker’s trail in NW Tucson: Deep Dish, Yoda & Appendage, Cock Stalker, Asshole in El Paso, Stick Me Anywhere, Is It In Yet, Bimbo by Day, me & Pick’n’Flick, and Pick’s sister Georgie from Michigan.

Gummee & Woodpecker looped us west on surface streets to a beer check in [...]


Ah, the Old “Running in Drag” Tradition . . .

This Philadelphia event, scheduled for May 29th, may be of interest to the small subset of hashers unafraid of using the r- and m-words. I myself have done Bay to Breakers, and along with the weekend of B-to-B-related hashing San Francisco area hashers put on, it’s always been a great time. This event may have [...]


More IH Rumor Control: “Let the Truth Unfold”

Below the fold: a letter about the Malaysian Hash Council’s recent takeover of InterHash 2010 mismanagement. The hashers who passed it on to me asked me to share and comment on it.

The share part is easy. Commentary? I don’t really have a lot to say. I can’t afford to go to Borneo anyway, so [...]