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Trail Sighted, Scouted Same

Citizen 69 and I just returned from scouting trail for the Feb 21st Pedalfiles bash. We’re starting and ending at a favorite bash hangout, with a beer check at a pub we haven’t been to before (it has outdoor seating so we can keep an eye on our bikes, something hares should factor in when [...]


IH Rumor Control?

Looks like we need some (rumor control, that is). Got this today from an Indonesian hasher:

Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2010 11:16:33 +0800 Subject: Fwd: Interhash OC step down From: XXXXXXX To: XXXXXXX Check up the Kuching interhash web site, Interhash Oc Charlie was overthrown at Hornbill hash EGM on 1st Feb 2010. Interhash bank [...]


Guest Post: Poaching for Profit?

Note from Flying Booger: Minneapolis hasher Pooper Scooper sent this as a comment to a previous post, but I think it’s worth posting right out where everyone will see it (everyone who reads this blog, that is . . . all eight of you). PS raises an interesting point, one that dovetails with some of [...]