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A Drinking Club with a Running Problem, and Zombies

Must. Scout. Trail.

I’m haring next Sunday, and all I’ve done so far is decide on a start point, a park in southeast Tucson. Normally I’d have scouted trail twice and had all the details worked out by now. Getting lax in my old age.

Speaking of getting lax, I’m scouting on my mountain bike. [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 2/21/10 (and Other Disasters)

Pedalfiles Bash, 2/21/10: Copulator, Stick Me Anywhere, Deep Dish, Appendage, Flying Booger, Bimbo by Day, Redheaded Woodpecker (sitting), Citizen 69, Trailing Dick, Yoda, Pick'n'Flick. Not visible: Gummee & H.M.Ho

And here we thought the Pedalfiles H3 was dying! Citizen 69 and I live-hared a short town trail this morning (13 miles if you didn’t [...]


The Glow is Fading

. . . from the May & September romance between younger and older hashers. Witness this, from a recent email exchange on my local jHavelina hash list:

Betty Ford; Jhavelina Run #?

The updated “who’s cummin list” is posted and there are more Jhavelinas Rego’d for Betty Ford Hash XXIV then Humpin Hashers!

RE: [jhavelinaH3] [...]


Blood & Loathing in Las Vegas

Click photo for article

Usually it’s us causing trouble, frightening citizens over possible anthrax attacks. Not this time . . . this time it’s citizens attacking hashers!

Short version: as Las Vegas hashers run through a hospital parking lot, they startle a homeless guy, who leaps up from a bus stop bench. One of [...]


Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag

Flying Booger’s Goodie Bag is a collection of unconnected thoughts and observations which don’t rate separate Half-Mind Weblog entries. It’ll probably be a regular column . . . in an irregular way.

I spent an hour this morning updating Tucson area hash contact listings at the Half-Mind Catalog. This is kind of a big deal, [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 2/14/10

I forgot the camera, so the best I can do by way of visual documentation this month is a small Google satellite view of a portion of our trail.

Our hare today was Wet Toe Job, who took us hashing in her neighborhood out in the Rincon foothills east of town. Trail followed quiet rural [...]



Happier times:

Bay to Breakers 1997: Dr. Kimball, POM & Jiggy-Jiggy, Flying Booger & Pick'n'Flick

On On, POM, and give our best to G & ZiPpy. We’ll miss you.

- Flying Booger is sad.


Hijacking Trails

Hijacked trail?

Got this photo from my friend Casual Friday, taken last weekend during the Jolly Rogers H3 hash cruise of the Bahamas.

Until I have a chance to talk to Casual Friday, I don’t know if this was a no-shit hijacked trail, or just a shot check inserted into [...]