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Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 24 Jan 09

Subtitle: Booger & Master Meat Finder Fall Down & Go Boom.

Hare & co-hare: Flying Booger & Master Meat Finder Pack: Asshole in El Paso, Wankers Away & Hot Legs, Half Hash, Redheaded Woodpecker

Click on any photo to enlarge:

Card Check, Amado

Beer Check, Arivaca

On-Afters, Green Valley

Triples today: [...]


More Photos from Tex-Mex

Two more from my recent weekend in El Paso (click for larger):

FB lost on trail

Hashers & gators


Upchuck’s Quilt

Another hash T-shirt quilt done, this one for our friend Upchuck from the Las Vegas H3 . . . Pick’n’Flick worked on it for a year, off and on during gaps between her work on Zippity Doo’s quilt and her many embroidery projects. Click on the images to enlarge:

Labels even? Damn.

Upchuck [...]



After years of saying I’d go to one of these events, I finally got off my ass and went. I rode my motorcycle to El Paso with three other Harriers MCH3 riders, Asshole in El Paso, Gummee, and Redheaded Woodpecker. Asshole in El Paso, as you may guess, got his name at a Tex-Mex a [...]


Half-Mind TrendWatch© Alert (Part I)

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From the article:

Through word of mouth, the group has grown to about 200 participants a week. They range from walkers and moms with jogging strollers to hard-core marathoners and Hash House Harriers — members of an international organization that’s part-running club, part-pub crawl. Regardless of fitness level, everyone charts [...]


The Sum of All Heresies

Like many hashers, I’m interested in our origins and history. I read everything I can get my hands on. When I go to interhashes, I seek out experienced hashers and ask them for their take on things. I’ve swilled beer and talked trash with old-timers around the world, including Ian Cumming, Bill Panton, and Magic [...]


An Unpopular Idea, Founded in HHHistory

The idea:

As I argued in an earlier post, the Hash House Harriers grew out of the Harriers. The main difference between us and those who came before is the “Hash House” in our name.

When you read about the various hash-style clubs and associations that date back to at least 100 years before the [...]


Rules of the Hash

Friend and fellow hash publisher Hazukashii recently dusted off the charter of the Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers, aka the Mother Hash, and posted it to the hash list under the heading “Earliest Recorded Rules of the Hash House Harriers.”

And indeed, these are rules. We like to say there are no rules in hashing, [...]