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The Aughts & Me (link)

I wrote an entry on my other blog that hashers might enjoy, so here’s a link. Happy New Year, hashers! See ya at Tex-Mex in a couple of weeks.


Hashmas 2009

From Flying Booger & Pick’n’Flick’s house to yours, Merry Hashmas!

Hashers in drag: Master Meat Finder, Green Flagger, Bimbo by Day, Wet Toe Job

Low-Flying Booger

Update (Christmas afternoon): got a call from Enos in Perth, Australia. Season’s greetings from Down Under, and a bit of chat about our mutual friend Pom in [...]


Half-Mind Predictions for 2010

Who dares disturb the great and powerful Half-Mind? Step forward, harriers and harriettes, and bow before the majesty of the one and only Half-Mind! Kneel, I say, and tremble before the all-knowing eye of Half-Mind, as I reveal to you the year to come! What? Where’d this dog come from? Get away! Let go of [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 12/20/09 (Plus!)

Pretty much a day full of hashing. Bash in the morning; hash in the afternoon, followed by a party at the afternoon hare’s house.

Appendage, who was supposed to man the eggnog check on the bash trail this morning, called in sick, so Pick’n’Flick volunteered to skip her bike ride and do it. Which meant [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 12/13/09

It’s always good when the blessing of the hares is watched over by a curious hawk:

Birdus no swoopus downus uponus!

And from that auspicious beginning, things got even better! Our hares, Blonde in the Bush and Dead Fucking Blind, set up a great trail this morning, with quiet country lanes and plenty’o’shiggy, including [...]


Hasher in the News & 2009 Predictions Recap

Bahrain hasher Dave Bloomer

From the Gulf Daily News, Dec 3, 2009:

Yacht Row Five Freed by Iran

Radio Bahrain’s David Bloomer and four British sailors were due to arrive in Dubai late last night after being released from custody in Iran. Mr Bloomer and fellow Britons Oliver Smith, Sam Usher, Luke Porter and [...]


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 6 Dec 09

Harriers MCH3 rides again . . . not very many of us, but we rode!

Bimbo by Day (hare), Redheaded Woodpecker (hare), Asshole in El Paso

Counting me, that makes four: two hares and two hounds. But that’s more than enough to have a trail.

Today’s mash took the form of a giant Slorr [...]