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Zippity Doo’s Quilt: the Blessing

I was wrong in a previous post when I said Zippity Doo’s quilt was finished. It wasn’t, quite, but today Wet Toe Job and Pick’n’Flick really did finish it. In honor of the occasion, they asked me to bless it.

Click to enlarge (as well you should, because it really is a magnificent piece of [...]


Harriers MCH3 Mash Trash: 22 Nov 09

If a hash is a hash and a bicycle hash is a bash, what’s a motorcycle hash? Easy: a mash. Be it known by these presents, henceforth and in perpetuity: a motorcycle hash is a mash.

So here’s the trash about today’s mash in Tucson, Arizona!

Members of the Harriers MCH3 assembled bright & early [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 11/15/09

The Pedalfiles had kind of a scary bash today, up in that part of Oro Valley where no one remembered to build any bike lanes.

Detail from Pima County bicycle trail map

The map shows bike lanes, paths, and trails in purple, green, and blue. That empty area in the center left? That’s the [...]


SWP Strikes Again

SWP: suspicious white powder

also known as

MWP: mysterious white powder UWS: unknown white substance anthrax flour

The story came out on October 29th. Hashers have been posting and reposting it ever since:

When law enforcement and public safety officials encounter hashing, confusion and overreaction often result. I follow SWP stories not so [...]


Weekend Footnote

Last Saturday, starting trail with the jHavelina H3 in Tucson, Arizona. Nice wedgie, huh? I hate those fuckin’ shorts:

Flying Booger & S&M&M&M (background: Neutered & Spermuccino)

And from the weekend before, another Las Vegas red dress photo, taken by my daughter Green Flagger (love the farmer tan and that martini glass):

Dressed [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 11/8/09

In attendance: Flying Booger (hare), Upchuck, Pick’n’Flick, Low Flying Booger, Dead Fucking Blind, Blonde in the Bush, Rectum Checker, Zorro, Her Majesty’s Ho, Citizen 69, Tucson Slew, Communicable Disease, Yoda, Appendage.

On this beautifully sunny and mild Sunday morning, the Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash met at a ramada in Udall Park in Tucson, Arizona. [...]


Flying Booger Channels Glenn Beck


Unpleasant Realities

A hasher's nightmare

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about what I thought was a mean-spirited post on our local hash email list: a hasher gave another hasher shit about getting a DUI. My post is titled Hubris, because the giver of shit is a drinker too, and as far as I can [...]