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Calendars, Reader Comments

Bimbo, publisher of Harrier International magazine, asked me to contribute an abbreviated version of the Half-Mind Calendar for his readers. I thought some readers might be interested in this note I recently sent to Bimbo, because it goes into some of what’s behind the events calendar:

Jim, I looked at both calendars in the latest [...]


1%ers Terrorize Citizenry

Master Meat Finder, Asshole in El Paso (hare)

The second running of the Harriers MCH3 (Tucson Chapter) was this morning. Attendance, as you can see, was sparse. Asshole in El Paso hared; Flying Booger and Master Meat Finder made up the pack. But never let it be said we didn’t hash!

Trail went west [...]



Some poor guy in the hash got a DUI about a month ago. Yesterday, he dared to speak up about an entirely-unrelated controversy that’s been raging on the local hash e-mail list. Here’s what he said:

I like spending time with both groups and because of all the crap I’ve spent significantly less time with [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 10/18/09

Bimbo by Day and I hared the 3rd Anniversary Pedalfiles Bash today, starting and ending at Shooter’s Steak House, the venue we used for the first hash (and many other hashes in between, since the owners are hash-friendly and like to hear us sing).

And now that the heat of summer is gone (not really [...]


Hash Site Review: Hash Genealogy Project

Hash Heritage Foundation Hash Genealogy Project

A little over a decade ago, Bill Panton (Kuala Lumpur H3/Washington DC H3) embarked upon an interesting journey: tracing all known hash kennels back to the Mother Hash. He first showed his work to the hash world at InterHash 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, [...]


Zippety Doo’s Quilt

Pick’n’Flick and Wet Toe Job have finished Zippity Doo’s T-shirt quilt. And style? Zippity must be smiling in hash heaven!

Click any image to enlarge.

Wet Toe Job & Pick'n'Flick

Wet Toe Job

The backing

Detail of backing

Previous entries: here and here.



I Have Seen the Future of Hashing . . .

. . . and it is gray and wrinkled!

Click to view

From the Pissed Up Pensioners H3 site:

Hi and welcome to the newest Hash in Yorkshire dedicated to the Bus Pass Brigade who are slowly taking over YH3 – 30 members already and growing fast! To fit in with this, hash venues [...]


Taking a P.I.S.S. in Green Valley

Click to enlarge

We’re just back from a lovely P.I.S.S. hash in Green Valley, the retirement community south of Tucson. Yoda hared, and since he’s somewhat sensitive about being a Green Valley retiree, laid an arduous trail: three miles through ankle-deep sand-filled arroyos, fence climbs, and barbed wire belly crawls. I fell down once, [...]