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Motto Blogging II

“A drinking club with a motorcycle problem”: motto of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, est. 1946, the original “wild ones” immortalized in the Marlon Brando movie. Additional references here, here, here, & here.

Previous entries in this thread here and here.

Someone will probably accuse me of saying we can’t use the “drinking club with [...]


Hash Site Review: HashSpace Wiki

Sux2Blow, the webmaster of HashSpace, announced the start of HashSpace Wiki a couple of months ago. Since then, hashers have been correcting, updating, and adding information to this user-edited repository of hashing information.

Sux2Blow set up some broad categories:

Hash History Hash Traditions Hash Kennels Hash Events

More categories can be added . . [...]


Pedalfiles Bash Trash: 9/20/09

Today was the third Sunday of the month, and that made it a Pedalfiles Bike Hash day. We met the hares, Bimbo by Day and Redheaded Woodpecker, at a dive bar on the south edge of Tucson, where we were joined by two other bashing couples: Half-Hash & Hasadick and Yoda & Appendage, and one [...]


Boozing It Up

When I went to InterAm in Colorado earlier this month, I knew it was going to be a test. Not a test of my resolve to stay sober — after all this time I’m no longer even slightly tempted to drink — but a test of my love of hashers, a hard-drinking bunch if [...]


Borneo Hotels Planning InterHash Rip-Off

And Higgins, for one, is right on top of that shit:


FYI, the local hotels are trying to rip us off by charging up to 4 times their standard price. This is causing a big storm in the hash world and the local English-speaking newspaper has reported the problem. Seasoned hashers are even [...]


Finally, a Better Use for Sunday Mornings

Today marked the first official morning running of the PISS Hash. For 6½ years the Pima Independent Sunday Social H3 has been an afternoon hash. But then one local hash started having Sunday afternoon barbecues, and then a breakaway hash started hashing at the same time, and we decided to move to a morning schedule. [...]


Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Vroom Vroom Vroom!

When I started the Harriers Motorcycle Club in 1998, I wasn’t really thinking “hash.” I was thinking more of a group for hashers who also rode motorcycles, and set it up that way. Hashers from all over the world joined Harriers MC, and members received rosters of other members so that they could get together [...]


More InterAm Photos

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Candy Wrapper

Patchwork Quilt & Shellshocked!

Rose eh


Aqua Lungs

She Mussel Bitch

TAF, Higgins



Chalk talk

Swamp Bitch