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No Poofters

You can’t hang around hashers long without hearing someone say “no poofters.” It’s not to be taken literally, of course. What hashers mean when they say it is “no sissies.” That’s offensive enough, if you’re of a mind to take offense, but hashers delight in being offensive and politically incorrect, and anyway, only a poofter [...]


Joe Hasher & Joe Organizer

A few years ago, when I was webmastering the Half-Mind Catalog, I experimented with a classifieds section where hashers could sell or trade stuff. Very few hashers ever used it, and when I passed the HMC on to new webmasters, it disappeared. This week someone started another hash classifieds site. Since the new site’s almost [...]



I didn’t sign up for the Bisbee Red Dress Run this weekend, but decided to ride down this morning to show the flag for our upcoming Harriers MC motorcycle hash. No sooner did I park the scoot in front of the Bisbee Coffee Company, then up walked Lady in Red herself, the girl who started [...]


Bashing & Boyle’s Law

Sunday morning Pick’n’Flick and I rode trail with the Pedalfiles Bash.

Couldn't take the pressure, apparently . . .

The bash started and ended at a hasher’s house in NW Tucson, and after it was over we had a circle and barbecue on his patio. As we were talking and grilling there was a [...]



An announcement I posted to our local hash message board last night:

Virgin Motorcycle Hash, Saturday, Sep 13

Announcing the virgin hash of the Harriers MC, inviting hashing motorcyclists in Tucson & Sierra Vista:

Date/time: Saturday, Sep 13, 9:00am.

Location: Hy Corbett Field parking lot, Tucson, AZ.

Hares: Flying Booger & Red-Headed Woodpecker.

Trail: expect [...]


Where’s the Certificate?

Why, it’s right here:

What a nice idea! It’s from the Grenada HHH (if you like, you can read our virgin-no-more’s blog entry about her first hashing adventure).

I’m telling you, hashers love paper. Even now, when almost every hash kennel has a web site and just about every hasher anywhere has a blog, [...]