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May You Drink a Thousand Beers . . .


A. S. Gispert, known to hashers everywhere as “G,” was born 106 years ago today. With Torch Bennett, Cecil Lee, and a few others, G founded the Hash House Harriers at the Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya, in late 1938. Here’s to you, G. Happy birthday! [...]


More Shifting Paradigms

I wrote about this before, but damn it, writing about it didn’t exorcise it because it’s still happening: I’ll be in the circle, singing songs and having a good time . . . suddenly my frame of reference will shift and I’ll think, “What the hell is going on here?”

I know enough about [...]


Namings & Renamings

From an email sent to the hash list today:

We had a newly named hasher who sent an e-mail to the hash list in Charlotte today, demanding a renaming as she felt her current name was “offensive and degrading.” I’m not saying it isn’t, but her name, “Don’t C#m On My Face, [...]


If You Don’t Like It, Why Don’t You Go Start Your Own Damn Hash? (Part II)

More on Tucson’s newest breakaway hash:

Why insert a photo of beer? Why not?

First let me acknowledge that breakaway hashes rarely describe themselves as such. Members of both hashes — the parent kennel and the breakaway group — maintain the polite fiction that they’re all one big happy family, and that the new [...]


Our Lost Sunday

Hared in the morning, hashed in the evening . . . yesterday was a hashing day!

New flour bag!

I got up early Sunday morning and did some last-minute trail scouting with my co-hare Yoda, while Pick’n’Flick went out to pre-lay parts of her own trail. Members of the P.I.S.S. and Pedalfiles hashes arrived [...]


Pre-Trail Jitters

I don’t know about you, but when I hare I start getting nervous a day or two beforehand. Pick’n’Flick not so much. We’re haring Sunday morning — she’s laying a regular hash trail and I’m laying a bash trail — and she’s totally cool with everything, even though she hasn’t scouted yet. I have scouted [...]


Bashing on the Cheap

Once in a while, I add to this blog articles and columns I wrote for hashing magazines. A few months ago the editors of On-On Magazine asked me for an introductory article about bashing. I submitted an article, which, substantially modified, came out in Issue #4. This is the article I wrote, unmodified:

Bashers [...]


If You Don’t Like It, Why Don’t You Go Start Your Own Damn Hash? (Part I)

From a message recently posted to the jHavelina HHH listserve:

Cum one, cum all! or don’t cum at all! (but that’s YOUR fault!) to The Wayward Assholes of Tucson H3. if you don’t hash with T.W.A.T., yer just a p*ssy! 1st inaugural r*n will be July 12th — join the list serve, group, whatever you [...]