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Hash Site Review: Wikipedia on Hashing

How many hashers know there’s a Wikipedia entry for Hash House Harriers? Not many, I bet.

Most of us know Wikipedia’s a user-edited online encyclopedia, where regular people like you and me can write, update, correct, and (if we choose) falsify entries on any topic. Someone (I don’t know who, other than that it [...]


On the Inappropriateness of Dissent

Everybody’s talking about Iran, especially about Iranians using Twitter & YouTube to express their outrage over a stolen election, organize protests, and get the word out about government repression and killings.

Local hash mismanagement takes a dim view of such things. Here are some items from a post-hash election email sent out by our new [...]


My Son Called to Wish Me Happy Fathers’ Day but I Was in the Circle & Couldn’t Take the Call

You know what makes for a good Fathers’ Day? Going on a bike hash!

Today was the hangover hash for the jHavelina Red Dress weekend, set by three members of the Pedalfiles Bash: Redheaded Woodpecker, Bimbo by Day, and Stick Me Anywhere. The pack — runners and riders alike — gathered at a favorite Pedalfiles [...]


Separated at Birth?

It seems Stray Dog has a relative on Capitol Hill:

From: Becton, Elizabeth Sent: Friday, May 23, 2008 9:55 AM To: XXX; XXX; Democratic Schedulers Subject: RE: We Have a Mole Amongst Us

What kind of nasty, petty, poorly written (Did these people graduate from middle school to high school?) site is www.wonkette.com? And what [...]



A recruiting opportunity came my way today, and I gave it my best shot. I stopped at the corner coffee shop toward the end of my morning bicycle ride, and when the guy at the counter rang me up, he asked me what my T-shirt had to do with Ikea.

I hadn’t even thought about [...]