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T-Shirt Quilt (Part II)

Work on the HHH T-shirt quilt continues:

Wet Toe Job & Pick'n'Flick

You know it’s a hash project when you work with one hand and drink with the other!


When Is a Hash Not a Hash? (Part II)

Not a Hash (click to enlarge)

Update (5/27/09): When I cross-posted this photo to Hashspace, my reference to cotton T-shirts mystified some fellow hashers. But I knew that if we just waited, Lord Douchebag would clarify matters:

The old cotton vs. blend argument again, on which I stand firm with the ability of blend [...]


When Is a Hash Not a Hash? (Part I)

When is a hash not a hash? When Lord Douchebag says it isn’t!

When things get dull in Hashville, you can count on Lord Douchebag to stir things up. In the middle of a long thread about building kennel membership, he tosses this into the punchbowl:

I have not recorded one “NO alcohol” hash since [...]



On-On Magazine

I’m sorry to report that color glossy copies of On-On Magazine will no longer grace hashers’ mailboxes. With issue # 4, the magazine is a webzine, only available to subscribers online.

Well, the publishers managed to get three issues into print, at least. That in itself is a remarkable story of dedication, [...]


Losing It

At yesterday’s Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash circle, I presided over two namings. By way of background, when I founded the PISS Hash one of my goals was to keep it from becoming a circle-centric hash. Short circles, minimal down-downs, no namings, BYOB. The PISS Hash is supposed to be all about the trail and [...]


Crossed Trails

Here’s a scenario many hares will recognize: on hash day, heading out with your chalk and flour, you discover fresh trail marks from another hash. The marks weren’t there when you scouted last week, but Hash X ran yesterday and it seems their hares had the same idea you did. What now?

A lot [...]


HashSite Review: The Hashpaedia



Shakesprick has launched a new hash information site, The Hashpaedia. When I saw the announcement this morning, I immediately thought of Wikipedia. You know, the popular online [...]


Hashing in the News

Kidderminster powder mystery solved

7:40am Wednesday 29th April 2009

By Cadisha Brown »

MYSTERY surrounding a substance found on a Kidderminster dog walking area that was believed to be rat poison has been solved.

The white powder spotted along a pathway leading to the nature reserve, in Spennells, was self-raising flour, police have [...]