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Hey Kids, What Day Is It?

Presenting the Half-Mind Minimalist Theater of the Ether, starring John Harrier and Jane Harriette, directed & produced by Flying Booger:


Hashing Straight (Part IV)

Damn, my second on-oniversary of sober hashing slipped by unnoticed earlier this month. I didn’t think of it until Pick’n’Flick reminded me.

Well? It’s been great, it really has. I don’t miss drinking one bit, even when I’m around people who are drinking, like at the hash. I don’t have much patience with long [...]


Shameless Shilling for Dive Bar Radio

Hashers, bookmark this site now: Dive Bar Radio. What is it? Podcasts for hashers by Banana Basher . . . crunchy shiggy beer-sodden goodness awaits you!


Sex & the Single Harriette

Last week someone posted a warning on hash-l:

Subject: serious medical warning

Today I learned that a good hasher friend of mine contracted herpes from another hasher. They met at a recent hash event and, as often happens at events, they slept together. This wasn’t just a fly by night situation [...]


HHHistorical Revisionism, Take 2

Update (3/18/09): I originally posted this entry on 3/8/09, cross-posting it to Hashspace the same day. No one commented on it here, but it was a different story at Hashspace. Because my commentors raised some interesting points, I’m reposting it to the top of this blog today, along with their comments.

Ask hashers about [...]


Activating the Turkey Network: Rumor Control

At Sunday’s PISS Hash, someone asked me if I were going to the Hash de Tucson, a four-hashes-in-one-day event put on twice a year by the jHavelina Hash. Sure, I said, I like the HdT. Because there isn’t much time between trails, post-trail circles are short, and if you want to do one or two [...]


More Hashing History

And this time it’s not revisionist . . . at the PISS Hash today Yoda pointed out that it was our 21st hashing on-oniversary! Pick’n’Flick and I first hashed in Tampa, Florida in March 1988. How about that . . . we had completely forgotten!

Here’s a happy photo from today’s trail:

Coming down: [...]