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Scouting Trail

I scouted trail with two co-hares this morning, Her Majesty’s Ho and Satisfaction Guaranteed. We’re haring the PISS Hash two Sundays from now. This was our first walk-through, and it’s a good thing we did it, because a couple of places we hashed through on a similar trail in 2007 have since been fenced.

Important [...]



Settle down, hashers . . . it’s not what you’re thinking.

A long time ago, when I first started publishing lists of HHH contacts, I heard of a non-drinking kennel at some high school somewhere. And I listed it, because a hash is a hash, right? At the time, even though I drank, I didn’t [...]


Flour Transportation

Live hare, dead hare, you still need something to keep your flour and chalk in. Right now there’s a lively debate over flour transportation methods on hash-l, so I thought I’d throw my two cents in.

Booger's hare bag

My solution is this fabric pilot’s map bag. It’s about a foot tall, six inches [...]


Movers & Shakers

You never know who’s going to turn up in Tucson, Arizona. Not one but two hashing notables came to town yesterday, so we decided to have a summit meeting:

Delegates at dinner

Left, front to back: Red-Headed Woodpecker, Bimbo by Day, Flying Booger, Master Meat Finder, Gummy Right, front to back: Monk, Lady in [...]


Haberdashery Information

Most hashes have haberdashers: someone to order and sell T-shirts, whistles, lanyards, beer can cozies, stuff like that. It can be a thrash finding reliable, cheap sources for this sort of stuff, especially if your hash has a big event coming up and you’re under pressure to come up with giveaways. I’ve been there.

To [...]


This Town’s Too Small . . .

. . . for all the hashes that run in it.

Citizen 69 and I hared the monthly bash (bike hash) this morning. Between the two of us, we scouted trail four times. Last Saturday we noticed flour from another hash on a small section of our planned route, but it was only two blobs [...]


In Which I Take It All Back

From yesterday’s entry:

We’re told today’s hash will be shiggilicious. Think Hashing 201, not Hashing 101, the hares say, and wear long pants and hiking boots. I’m willing to bet it’ll turn out to be a wimpish trail. When’s the last time you heard a hare tell the truth?

Well, they’re still a couple of [...]


Sunday Is a Hashing Day

I know, I know . . . in the song, Sunday is a day of rest . . . Saturday’s the hashing day. But in my life, twice a month, Sunday’s a hashing day: every second Sunday for the PISS Hash, every third Sunday for the Pedalfiles Hash. We can rest when we’re dead.

We’re [...]