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Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

From Pussy Whipt in Afghanistan, a New Year’s resolution I can get behind:

On-On, everyone!


Half-Mind Highlights of 2008

January: We can has calunder! February: Let the ass-groping begin. March: In which I burn my bridges , , , April: . . . right down to the waterline! May: Hooking up, the old school way. June: Good guys wear white? Not always. July: Calling cards. August: Busted! September: Yoda’s mysterious vanishing trail. October: [...]


Hashspace, Facebook, and Stan Nats

About a year ago I was part of a group of hashers who tried setting up a network on Facebook. Facebook, though, isn’t designed for discreet groups: you’re mixed in with everyone else, and there’s a lot about hashing — starting with hash names — you wouldn’t want to share with family, friends, co-workers, or [...]


Hashing in Havana?

This is primarily directed toward American hashers:

I have a friend who organizes trips, hashing and otherwise. I’ve been on a couple of them, and he’s great. He’s been talking to some San Diego hashers who want to fly to Cuba and possibly hash there . . . while it is still an evil communist [...]


The Hash War on Christmas Continues . . .

Hashers come in all flavors: Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Diest, Buddhist, Druid, Shinto, Hindu, and if I left out your faith I apologize. All of us, though, even athiest hashers, worship two things in common: Gispert and irreverance. With Gispert’s blessing, and in the spirit of the season, I offer irreverant holiday greetings to hashers [...]


You’re Not Hashlike, Flying Boog’

I couldn’t resist updating and reposting this parody from my old Half-Mind Catalog days. Merry Christmas, Mr. McDowell! You know, I’m not as bad as you think I am . . . I’m worse!

Don’t know the melody? Click here to listen to the original.

You’re not hash-like, Flying Boog’, You really are [...]


Bucking the Trend . . .

. . . and I wish us luck. We need it.

Several months ago a group of hashers decided to write and publish an American hashing magazine. On-On Magazine now has two issues in print; the January 2009 issue will be out in a few weeks. The publishers recruited a great stable of writers, contributors, [...]


Blogging Yesterday’s Trail

When I posted the announcement for yesterday’s PISS Hash, I had to explain that we were starting at a house within a gated compound, and include instructions on what to tell the gate guard in order to get in. This is what I said:

Very important note: DFB lives in a gated compound where riffraff [...]