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Everything I Know Is Wrong

I know a lot about hashing . . . enough to know I don’t really know anything about hashing.

I grew up thinking once you’ve seen three or more marks after the last check, you’re on. That a false trail could be only three marks long before the BT. That if you can’t see the [...]


Ain’t I a Stinker?

As if I hadn’t stirred the pot enough already . . . this blog is now an official Gang of Six™ Publication.


A Quick & Dirty Guide to Haring

In a previous entry I mentioned an ongoing hash-l discussion about haring. It’s still going on, but, thanks to the usual asshole, has degenerated into a live haring versus dead haring debate. AFAIK, there’s nothing to debate. Some hashes do dead trail, some do live. I’ve hared both ways, and when I visit another hash [...]



It’s the third Sunday of the month, and that can mean only one thing: bash!


Old School Haring

Hash-L is at its best when members talk about the technique and tradition of hashing. What I hope will be a good discussion has just started:

. . . I’ve been experimenting with ‘old school’ trails. I’m playing with paper chase type trails instead of the typical modern hash trail. The simplicity is refreshing but [...]



This morning I added an RSS icon to the right sidebar. Clicking it will take you to an RSS feed for all three of my blogs.

When I started the Half-Mind Weblog in 2004, I posted entries on a variety of subjects besides hashing. Something about that didn’t sit right with me, so after a [...]


Coming Out

Yesterday I hared my first openly pre-laid trail. Over the years I’ve gone from setting live trails to setting mixes of live- and pre-laid (mostly pre-laid of late), but always making it look as if I were haring live. Yesterday I said fuck it.

I feel like I just announced to the world that I’m [...]


The Joys of Haring

You know where you’re going. You decide whether the pack will have fun or not. If you do it right you won’t get caught.

I hared October’s PISS Hash and about this time tomorrow will hare November’s too. Yeah, it’s great when other hashers volunteer to hare, but I don’t mind haring myself because [...]