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Passing the Pig

I once wrote a rant about baby boomers in the hash. I called it “The Pig in the Python.” Today I turned in my final time card, and now I am the pig.

So what does this retired baby boomer plan to do? Hell, I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, I’m going to [...]


Header Headaches

My colleagues at On-On Magazine asked me for a “Half Mind graphic,” I hope so that they can plug my weblog in future issues. But that creates a problem. The original Half-Mind Weblog logo was just a variation on the one I designed for the Half-Mind Catalog:

Trouble is, the Half-Mind Catalog belongs to [...]


Bike Hashing Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Appendage's war wound


Astroturfing Hash-L

Visiting the hash-l e-mail digest this morning, I read a curious message from someone named Don Bosworth.* Don, apparently, is a fan of Stray Dog.

My first thought was “YGBSM, is Stray Dog astroturfing again?” Back in the day, SD often used sockpuppet aliases to send self-supporting messages to hash-l — Opensnatch, Harekiller, and Onontrail [...]


When in Doubt, Steal

First there was HashSpace. Stray Dog refuses to join and campaigns vigorously against it. HashSpace’s membership grows to more than 10,000 hashers. SD does what SD always does.

Excerpt from a long SD e-mail received today:

When I mentioned this heads up on email lists a few weeks ago, there was some speculation and complaints [...]


Hash Spam? I’m Shocked. Shocked.

Say it isn’t so, Joe!

Since I blog about hashing, I use Google to alert me whenever the HHH is mentioned in news articles or blogs. This week’s blog digest looked like this:

Tafatafa Beach Reminder By Eugene(Eugene) The run starts at 2PM sharp. Check out the map we posted earlier. Godfather will be supplying [...]


When They Mention the Hash for No Good Reason, There’s Probably a Good Reason

Now this is interesting . . . a news article about a Cornwall general practitioner who’s gotten himself in trouble with the UK doctors’ regulatory body and is now on professional probation.

What’s so interesting about that? This paragraph:

Dr Dalton, a married man in his early 50s, practises at the islands’ health centre and [...]


Sunday Scans

Sunday breakfast: scanned hash photos and ham! Click on the images to see them full size.

Down-downs w/Bill Panton

FB's license plate

On-afters, Okinawa HHH

Race for the Cure

FB & CD, InterHash 200

InterHash 2000

Okinawa hashers

Honolulu HHH choir

jHavelina HHH RDR

One-Two [...]