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Hash List Flamewar Bingo

Or, more precisely, “Stray Dog Flamewar Bingo.” Well, whatever you call him — Stray Dog, SD, Larry, Mr. McDowell, Our Own Dick Nixon — he’s as predictable as Old Faithful. Whenever anyone questions or insults Larry on hash-l, in even the slightest way, he goes into a days-long rampage, posting wild accusations and self-righteous defenses, [...]


Yoda’s “69th” Birthday Bash Trail

When we went to the bike hash in Green Valley this morning, we didn’t realize Yoda was planning to test us! Well, a little education is always good, and even the most experienced hasher still has a thing or two to learn . . .

Can you find the flour?

No? Take a closer [...]


Oh, Please!

Larry McDowell, in a long hash list whinge about Hashspace, the Half-Mind Catalog, and other perceived threats to his Global Trash empire, finishes with this: “I have always said the more hash resources out there the better.”

Ah, yes, I distinctly remember him saying that when he went after Magic and Harrier International back in [...]